Newtown: For Darers and Dreamers



THE infamous King Street Crawl greets all vehicles in Newtown.

For drivers, there seems to be only two speeds in this suburb – slow and stop.

But find a park if you dare and ditch the wheels – you’re best to discover a world like this on foot.

And the coolest bit – Newtown is King Street. King Street is Newtown.

Do stray off it though and you’ll stumble upon some quirky stories and secrets.

From the people to the products in its shops – Newtown is, well, a little bit different.

Here, the locals are as much of a drawcard as the slightly wilted landscape. You’ll find characters on just about every corner – providing daily inspiration for the likes of the very brilliant Humans of Newtown photojournalism site.

As for the landscape, the architectural feel of the place is stately and a little tired at once – Newtown knows what a big night out is and the morning after.

As far as food goes, Newtown regularly spreads out an ever-morphing microcosmic banquet of the world at your footsies.  Whether you’ve got a craving for Thai to Turkish, Peruvian to Pakistani, you’re bound to hit it up in Newtown.

They’ve got fashion and the handicraft market covered as well. Small label designers and crafters are scattered along King, from the City Road end to St Peters.

In Church Street, you’ll find St Stephen’s Church and it’s adjacent Spooky Old Graveyard. In said SOG, lies the rumoured muse for Charles Dickens’ jilted spinster Miss Haversham character in Great Expectations (1861)  Emily Eliza Donnithorne, who lived at 36 King Street. Dickens was reportedly a great fan of Australia and despite having never visited, had several Sydney contacts to receive all the latest gossip from.

Make sure you get a snap in front of the iconic I Have a Dream mural, roughly marking the centre of King Street and its intersection with its little-sister-in-soul Enmore Road.

Recently heritage listed, the mural was painted in August 1991 by artists Juilee Pryor and Andrew Aiken who defied two council rejections to complete the work over two nights.


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