Remembering the Fab Four in Sydney…

It was 50 years ago today, that four British boys arrived to play...
It was 50 years ago today, that four British boys arrived to play…

“FANS arrived by the carload after The Beatles were safely locked inside their hotel. They lined the footpaths in pouring rain…”

“First to brave the rain was Paul McCartney, who poked his head around the french doors…and waved a leg at the crowds…”

“The ‘quiet’ Beatle, George Harrison caused a stir at The Sheraton when he appeared on a rear balcony in his underpants…”

“One excited schoolgirl tore her school hat, and another had her umbrella broken when she hit a tree with it in a screaming frenzy.”


Sydney's former Sheraton Hotel, in which The Beatles stayed in Suite 801.

beatles in Sydney

The Beatles in AustraliaNewspaper Clippings

Newspaper Clippings

Magazine Article



Images sourced from The Beatles in Australia exhibition, presented by the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney) and the Arts Centre, Melbourne.


From the June 11, 1964 press conference, held at Sydney’s then Sheraton Hotel in Potts Point:

Q: “What did you think of your wet welcome today?”

JOHN: “Very good. I thought they were very nice coming out in all that rain.”

GEORGE: “Yeah, it was great.”

Q: “Did you enjoy the rain?”

JOHN: “It felt real funny– standing there in your new coat.” (laughs)

GEORGE: “Seeing as THEY got soaked though, you know. We didn’t mind, did we.”

Q: “…the kids have been waiting all night, and they appreciated it.”

JOHN: “Well, they deserved it, didn’t they– waiting all night.”

PAUL: “Yeah.”

Q: “You weren’t wearing drip-dry clothes, were you?”

JOHN: (laughs) “No, we thought it was going to be sunny, you know.”

Q: “George, who selected the name The Beatles, and how did you derive this particular name with the B-E-A instead of B-double-E?”

GEORGE: “John got the name Beatles ages ago, you know…”

JOHN: “…in a vision was I was fifteen…”

GEORGE: “…when we needed a name and everybody was thinking of a name, and he thought of Beatles.”

Q: “Why the B-E-A instead of the B-E-E?”

GEORGE: “Well, naturally, you know…”

JOHN: “Well, you know, if they’d liked it at B-double-E… It was hard enough getting people to understand why it was B-E-A, nevermind, you know.” (laughs)


Q: “What do you expect to find here in Australia?”

PAUL: “Uhh, Australians I should think.”



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