Pulp Kitchen, The Soda Factory

Pulp Kitchen? Start twisting by the dancefloor…

ONE of Sydney’s newest nightspots is dedicating Wednesdays to the cult Tarantino flick Pulp Fiction.

The Soda Factory in Sydney’s Surry Hills is serving up a very budget-friendly $5 menu featuring items such as the Royale With Cheese, Big Kahuna Burger and french fries with mayo, as featured in the 1994 film starring John Travolta, Samuel L.Jackson and Uma Thurman.

Furthermore the film’s retro soundtrack will be playing, in conjunction with live acoustic sets from local bands.

The fun continues throughout the week with cinema favourites screened at the club on Movie Mondays, every Monday from 7:30pm, and ridiculously cheap sausages in Tuesday’s Dollar Dogs deal.

Where: The Soda Factory, 16 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills
"I hear they got some tasty burgers." (Jules, Pulp Fiction)
Pulp Kitchen, The Soda Factory
Wednesdays are Pulp Kitchen night at The Soda Factory…